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a twin design entertainment production

created in Adventure Game Studio

The game is NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! Check the download section or Download Game :: (~ 2.65 MB) here.

Special thanks to the Beta Testers! The game is even better now!


"We can't skip the generic & the mouse cursor should be hidden" - Dorcan
This has been remedied. You can now skip all cutscenes with the ESC key, and speed through them with the mouse button.

"The help option doesn't work on the title screen" - piraatlife4me
I'm creating the help screen soon!

"The gal says : Gods Speeed...don't know if this is a typo or inflection..." - Squinky

"You can take the roll of paper by clicking on it with the interact mode, when it should be with the take cursor. Same thing for the whisky and other minor objects." - Dorcan
Object interactions have been updated!

"There are some region problems when walking toward the bathroom at the upper level, which make walls not dissapearing sometimes." - Dorcan
I noticed this too and am a little stumped as to why it's happening ... I'm looking into it!

"When you get into the upstairs room with the card. The holo-globe's look writing is too lnog. When you look at it the writing goes off the screen." - oversizedchicken
I have fixed this.

"Looking at device in locked room displays the message off the screen where I can't read it." - Squinky
This has been fixed!

"Looking at top right corner of poster in the security card room gives me messages about a clothes hamper." - Squinky
I ran out of hotspots, so I started using the same hotspot(s) for multiple objects in the room. Then I script in descriptions based on the mouse's location. This was a result of using > instead of <. It's fixed now.

"You can take as many empty jar you want from the shelve at the basement" - Dorcan
This is no longer possible, it now checks the inventory and has an if/else response.

"Instead of interacting with the mop bucket when clicking on it, the cursor interact with the shelves." -Dorcan

There was a slight error in my scripting for that part. It has been fixed

"The "Golf Club" description GUI stays until we look at something else. I think you should change the way the description GUI works, making it dissapearing when the mouse cursor moves for exemple" - Dorcan
That is how it was supposed to be working, but I left some code out. I have no added it back in and it's working as it should!

"Text is not visible in the basement when you look at the car behind the wall" - piraatlife4me
The GUI text label isn't set up to display 2 lines of text, so the bottom line is cut off. I have fixed this now!

"Cosmo's holographic message plays twice for me." - Squinky
Fixed! I forgot to add the 'return' command line!

"Second level console on spaceship says its powerless even after I fix the power..." - Squinky

The console is broken down (cause the ship is old). I'm adding in text to better explain this 'in-game'.

"When I went down to look at the smoking engine, I opened up my "Pocket" and then it inv gui stuck open, as the game continued on.I saw that he had gone into space, but he was saying stuff under the gui." - Squinky
What happened (I'm guessing) is that the over-heat timer ran out with the gui open. I have added, to the screen it goes to if/when the timer expires, to shut off all GUIS to prevent this from happening.

"When the spaceship was warning and stuff i climbed down the ladder to the bottom of the ship, then the cursor sprite changed to JP's normal walking view and the text "climb up to navigation" were stuck on screen throughout the entire outro" - Inkoddi
I've noticed this happen too. And not just at this part. I am stumped as to why this is happening, but am looking into it.

"The score sometimes is not visible on the left side gui (I only noticed this in certain rooms)" - piraatlife4me
This actually happened when your score went over 100. The text label wasn't long enough to accomodate so it made 2 lines, thus extending off the bottom. It's fixed now.

"Theres a major possibilty for walking deads in this game. If you need the jar (Which I used to get the ooze) or any other inv item form earth, the moon or anywhere, there may be issues." - Squinky
This actually isn't a problem. There are items you can get on the Earth that you can use on the moon (well only one ... the jar) but if you don't get the jar, thus you don't get the ooze, the space ship will blow up. But you survive and still complete the game. It gives you a different ending!

"Save & Load buttons doesn't work" - Almost Everybody
All instances of the Save/Load abilities have been activated.

"When the GUI containing the hotspot description pops up, we can't right-click to cycle cursor mode, as the cursor is OVER the GUI." - Dorcan
This is the one bug I'm not sure I'm gonna work on. There's over 100 hotspots to alter to change this. So if I get motivated enough I'll fix it. But realistically, all you need to do is move the mouse slightly and you'll be off the GUI and able to scroll.